Castration Method

castrated male to female

Castration of Males Without Surgery

Surgical castration of the human male is a risky procedure that most doctors are not willing to perform and if you are able to get the surfery you are required to receive counseling and prove you are psychologically fit to have the procedure done.  The good news, using Transfemme your testicles are actually beneficial in your quest to become a full fledged female!
Using Transfemme male to female capsules in combination with scrotum compression will help raise sex hormone binding globulin, this is the blood protein that transports testosterone and DHT from the endocrine glands to target cells. Estradiol stimulates the production of SHBG and by applying Transfemme cream to your testicles you can speed your feminization process. High levels of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in your blood stream will bind to the testosterone keeping it in the blood, reducing the amount that goes into your cells making the testosterone impotent. As you get your testosterone and DHT under control any male pattern baldness will decrease or go away completely.
A daily lubrication of your testicles with Transfemme breast cream before wearing a tight pair of black latex feminizing briefs for the day can greatly speed your feminization progress. It is best to keep your pubic hair trimmed shortly for ease in wearing your feminizing panties. The panties will tightly compress your scrotum and penis into a tight little package while the exterior of some panties is made to look like a labia and clitoris.
A tip we recommend to our sissies: Wear feminizing compression underwear, this will restrict the blood flow to your testicles causing a lack of fresh blood flow and oxygen to the testosterone producing leydig cells. Your leydig cells will suffer from asphyxia and this will cause your estradiol producing sertolicells which are able to compensate by over producing Estrogen 2, (E2). Compression underwear and caffeine can enhance E2 by as much as 20-70% while choking down the testosterone.
Be the Sissy You Know You Are!
Imagine you wake up in the morning and you now have a tiny, little sissy package between your legs! It easily tucks into your new bikini bottoms and lady panties. Your micro testicles are now the source of your estrogen and your body is feminizing. Join the thousands of sissy ladies who have Transformed with Transfemme.
Combining Transfemme M to F hormone modulation capsules, with Transfemme transgender hormone cream and scrotum compression to create a natural castration method will work synergistically to create a more feminine and sexier you!
Many of our clients have told us they have successfully shrunk their penises and scrotum to small, little wet noodles that easily hide in a bikini bottom!
Using the methods outlines above you can get the benefits of having tiny, non-functioning testicles and reducing their size and male hormone production to release female hormones instead.  Read the rest of our website to learn more about Transfemme and how we can help you without the use of drugs or surgery to reach your feminization goals!  We have been helping transsexuals since 1996.

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