Male Breast Enhancement


Breast Enhancement For Men, How to Trick your Body to Grow Breasts

Breast enhancement for men is not only possible but we have been helping our customers with male breast enhancement since 1996! Our highly specialized method reprograms the male body into aromatizing the male androgen testosterone into estrogen. This works because males and females are not that different, all men and women make both male and female hormones.

Utilizing the RNA and DNA and nucleopeptides from ovaries contained in Transfemme, the male body gradually starts producing estrogen. We also add homeopathic potentization programs using quantum technology unique to our company and not available to the public to program breast growth and feminization. Permanent breast enhancement for men occurs at approximately one year and eventually your body will create estrogen on its own without the use our pills.

Most of our male breast enhancement customers are desirous of growing breasts, having reduced facial and body hair, having a female body shape, softer skin, decreased male pattern baldness.

Male Breast Enhancement without Drugs or Surgery

Imagine having large, round, lovely bouncing breasts. If you are reading this chances are you are ready to go from wearing bars with padding to actually growing you own breasts, or you have tried prescription hormones to grow breasts and the results were disappointing.

What else causes Breast Enhancement for Men?

Breast enhancement for men is one side effect of increasing estrogen and decreasing testosterone. We recommend compression underwear for men who want to shrink their penises and train themselves to hide in revealing underwear or swimwear in conjunction with their male breast enhancement program.

Wearing compression underwear will alter your hormone production to more estrogen (E2) and less testosterone because reduced blood and oxygen flow to the testosterone producing leydig cells causes them to suffocate producing less testosterone and the sertoli cells producing estrogen are able to withstand less oxygen and over compensate creating more E2. 

  1. Higher body fat causes your body to create more aromatase converting testosterone into estrogen.
  2. Heavy drinking of caffeinated beverages and alcohol, especially real beer.
  3. Obesity (not recommended)

While using Transfemme is a natural method of changing ones sex characteristics, altering ones hormones does carry health risks. Hormonal and sex alterations should be monitored by a physician trained in transgender medicine.

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