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Customer TransFemme Testimonials

Breast Measurement Confusion!

We recently discovered there is a lot of male breast enhancement misinformation on the internet posted on transgender forums, including discussing how to measure your breasts correctly and what the numbers and letters mean.  These male breast enhancement posts were written by men who think they are experts about all things related to transitioning.... [Read more of this review]

Victoria’s Male To Female Breast TransFemme Testimonial

Hello, My name is Victoria and I have been using Transfemme for about 7 months and have had amazing results. I have went from not even an A cup to a solid B which is absolutely wonderful. The changes in my mind have also been a welcome change. But, one thing I have noticed is that the rest of my body changed has more dramatically than my breasts. I... [Read more of this review]

Male Breast Enlargement Pills Make Users Feel Emotionally Happier

Article From Real Customer Hi Laurie, Thanks for replying to me so quickly. Yes, you’re right about the Bountiful Breast/Transfemme breast pills making one feel happier. I don’t know why this is, I found this very strange, approximately 4 weeks after I started taking the male breast  enlargement pills, I felt happier, as if I’d... [Read more of this review]

Customer’s Transfemme Testimonial Male To Female Beginning Story

Article From Real Customer – Submitted: June 6th, 2010 Yesterday was a bad day for me. As a T-girl who is just starting out, I am doing a lot of research online to help prepare me for the upcoming changes in my life. These changes have been long, long awaited! I don’t mind telling you that because I feared the judgment of others, I kept... [Read more of this review]

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