Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement

This product can be used for those males looking for breast enlargement only, males looking for Male to Female Feminization and for Transgender Women.

Our breast enlargement pills contain a natural glandular hormone therapy made from ovaries and are homeopathically potentized.  This targets the male body to begin to convert testosterone to estrogen.  This leaves your body full of excess estrogen.

These high serums levels of natural estrogen in turn trick the brain into thinking that enough testosterone is being produced, further it slows the natural production of testosterone and increases the estrogen.

This happens when estrogen saturates testosterone receptors in the hypothalamus region of the brain. The saturated hypothalamus then stops sending out a hormone to the pituitary gland to stimulate secretion of a luteinizing hormone that the gonads require to produce testosterone.

The estrogen is then taken up by testosterone receptor sites in cells throughout the body. When an estrogen molecule occupies a testosterone receptor site on a cell membrane, it blocks the ability of serum testosterone to induce a male hormonal signal.

The good news for Transgender Women is when placed on a much higher dosage of our pills the high estrogen can thus shut down the normal testicular production of her testosterone. 

Note:  males looking ONLY for breast enlargement are placed on a different program than Male to Female Feminization and Transgender Women.

Consult your Program Consultant.

For Male to Female and Transgender Women Only

Transgender Hormones and How Estrogen Compete For Testosterone Receptor Sites

Your new excess estrogen hormone levels compete for testosterone receptor sites in the sex centers of the brain and the genitals.

This means natural feminization through natural transgender hormone therapy for you without high levels of drugs, blood tests, and embarrassing doctor visits.

Thousands of Transgender Women are getting phenomenal results while on our Full Feminization Program. Noticeable breast enhancement for most Transgender Women occurs immediately, larger areola and protruding nipples, are the usually the first and fastest improvement.

Results for our Transgender Women average from approximately one cup size in three months, however, does vary from one individual to another.  There have been reports of up to 3 cup sizes over a period of time.

Transgender Women are required to start with a minimum of 4 pills twice daily. We highly recommend our Starter Bundle Package Special Offer Limited Time!!! or our Super Bundle Package Special Offer!!! to receive optimum results.

We also advise consuming 50 grams of whey protein isolate with amino acids per day in shake form. We have designed our protein shake to work effectively with our pills. Please call or email for information on our protein shake or to order.

For further information on our Full Feminization Program please fill out our inquiry form and we will email you our Transfemme Information package.