Men Growing Breasts


Breast Enlargement for Men, who is sporting Male to Female Breasts?

Breast enlargement for men is a growing interest, Sigmund Feud said, “women had penis envy.”  It looks Freud had it all wrong, current reality is many men have breast envy and have deep desires to have their own round, bouncing, female breasts.  Do you wish to have your breasts to put in women’s bras under female clothing?  You may think men growing breasts are all homosexual; in fact, most of our customers are straight males who want to keep their male sexual organs intact, or are older married men who have always felt feminine and wanted breasts.

Are Men Growing Breasts Really Possible?

The male to female breast enlargement phenomena has spread from Tokyo, to Thailand to Singapore, Brazil to the US and Europe.  There are a lot of women partaking in the breast enlargement for men fetish, some are wives and girlfriends and others are dominatrix’s. You may be surprised to learn that doctors, lawyers, diplomats, military men and garage mechanics are some of the varied customers we have; there is no age group or demographic making up a the typical men growing breasts profile. Some of our customers are married and keep their feelings and activities a secret; others are lucky and have accepting wives.

What Enlargement Methods are Available for Men Growing Breasts?

There are a few methods that are successful in providing breast enlargement for men to varying degrees and produce feminine, larger breasts in those of the male to female gender.  Male breast surgery using implants is the most obvious, most invasive and requires replacement surgeries, many risks and embarrassment.  Male breast creams do help and provide minor enlargement, breast pills come in two main forms, herbal and Transfemme homeopathic and glandular.

Transfemme© is the oldest transgender breast enlargement system; we have been in business since 1996 and have helped men growing breasts from almost every country in the world to achieve their male to female breast enlargement and hormone modulation without needing drugs or surgery.

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