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All our female customers have used BountifulBreast, natural breast enhancement pills, which is the sister product of Transfemme.

Date: September 19, 2001

Dear BountifulBreast,

I am a 37 year old mother of 4 and have grown from an A cup to a full C cup using your wonderful product. To tell you the truth I never expected it to work, as I am a very skeptical person and rarely buy ANYTHING for myself - it's usually for my 4 children! Not to mention my husband would have called me crazy for even considering trying to enhance my breasts with a natural product. He thinks all that stuff is a hoax, and to be honest so did I before I tried Transfemme!

At one stage when I was younger I had considered having implants but never committed to that idea because I was too afraid of the dangers and I always felt that implants looked rather ridiculous - too round and too high up - like beach balls! I would rather have small breasts than fake ones. Not to mention the price! It was simply out of my price range.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when a friend of mine who had been using Transfemme told me that she had bought a year supply, but had grown to the size she wanted in 6 months and didn't need the other 6 month supply. I was excited, but skeptical, when she gave me the 6 month supply. I was very grateful but something inside me said that maybe, because this girl was younger than me, it was not the pills that made her grow but her own hormones.

I tried them anyway, I figured I had nothing to lose, taking the protein shakes faithfully as recommended. I think patience is the key - and I urge all you ladies out there not to give up! - because it takes time. I didn't start to grow until the 4th month, and then I grew from a 36A to a 38C within those last 2 months! It was amazing, it felt like I was pregnant again, although my breasts never grew that much when I was pregnant!

I am very happy with this product and I think it is a fantastic alternative to those awful, man-made inventions called breast implants! I must say that I was one of the lucky ones, and that some of you may take longer to grow, especially skinny girls. But be patient - it will happen.

Kind regards,


Dear Transfemme,

I would like to send you a little information on my progress since I began using your product on June 4, 1999. I began with a measurement of 33 inches and am now 35.5 inches around my breast. I was a 34AA bra and now I am wearing 36B. While growth was sporadic, it is definitely there. It was gradual enough that people who don't live with me know there is something different, but they can't put their finger on it. My husband and daughter noticed before I told them the secret. I also was so excited when I was actually able to purchase my first new bras from Victoria's Secret. I was so small before, I couldn't. I had to go back for a new bra just last week; my new 36B!!

I was contemplating surgery for years to enhance my breast size. I have a relative who had the surgery last year. I talked to her and she told me if she had known about Transfemme, she most definitely would have tried it.

I have more firmness and fullness. I did not realize that there would be such a change in the firmness of my breast, definitely an added bonus. Another bonus for me, I didn't gain any weight. I am smaller in the waist than I was before I started. Week by week, my over all body shape has been changing, all for the better.

It was probably a good five weeks before I noticed any changes, and my growth is definitely related to my monthly cycle. I have larger growth spurts during specific times of the month. I have increased my protein and fat intake along with the shakes and still do not gain extra weight.

If anyone is interested in asking me any questions related to your product have them contact me at: Kimberly_wb@hotmail.com I will be sure to help them if I can.

Thanks for your support through this sensitive matter. It is something I have greatly appreciated.


Kimberly Nichol
California, USA

Date: July 26, 2001

Dear Transfemme,

I was going to wait to write you about my success, but I'm so impressed already I had to write now.

I am a 25 year old mother of 2 (breastfed) children. Ever since I was 10 I've had a noticeable chest. In high school I was a full 36C at 5'5" tall. Since I got pregnant with my oldest, I fluctuated in size, and wasn't too worried because I recovered fairly well. While breastfeeding my baby, though, I became huge. This wasn't a problem until I stopped, and I had enough stretch-marked skin for D or DD breasts with nothing at all inside them. You could literally feel my ribcage where my breasts should have been. This added to my postpartum depression, and even after conquering that, I have never gotten my self esteem back completely. It's very hard when you've always had an attention-getting figure, then it's gone, and you think that it's going to be that way forever.

That brings me to a few months ago. My husband got on the net at a friend's house to look up Bloussant for me, and found something else. I went back to research it more and found all the info on how herbal pills just cause water gain. Then, just before I wrote the whole idea off, he said to check out every site to see what else was there. Reluctantly, I did. The last site I noticed was the Transfemme site. I clicked on it, and instantly found hope. Here was what I needed. I just hoped it would work. See, my husband is a full-time student, and we both hold part-time jobs. This is great for spending a lot of time with the kids, but very tight in the budget department. So, I decided to get 1 month of pills and see if it did anything.

The pills came a few days later, and I had already bought the shakes so I could start right away. I decided that I would take 2 shakes a day, even if they were nasty, because I had to maximize the effect. I really think that's what determines the rate of growth. (I had figured that I could only afford two months on the system right now.)

After just a few days, I noticed a "ball of stuff" (for lack of a better description) in there. I was really excited to see it working that fast.

Long story (somewhat) short, it's been two weeks. They're already filled out quite a bit on the bottom & sides. They've become much firmer & the tops have just started to fill up. Not bad for the little time it's been. I've also noticed some of the positive side-effects associated with Progesterone that are discussed in the site. I ordered my second month of pills & shakes yesterday. I can't wait to see the final outcome. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks a ton for the wonderful product.

e-mail: 2bit_shrew@msn.com

Dear Transfemme,

My name is Christine, I have been taking Transfemme now for 4 months. At first I was very skeptical, although hopeful, that wonder breast would work. All my life I've been virtually "flat". I am very petite and athletic, I am a competitive runner and lift weights.

After reading many letters myself I understand if Transfemme worked it would probably be at a slower rate for me. Within a month my husband and I noticed a visual difference. Then, results seemed to slow down, and not be as dramatic. However, the results are steady and most definitely there, my breast are bigger and fuller. I was under an "A" cup when I started. I'm very proud to say I now fill out a "B" cup. I look better and different in my clothes, my bras fit tighter, and I have had to even buy new bras!

I will keep taking Transfemme as long as I need to reach my goal of a full "C" cup. There are no side effects to Transfemme which I was very worried about. I could not be happier with the product. I Take 3 pills a day plus the recommended shake. My advice to anyone who wishes to increase their breast size, is to try wonder breast. It works and its easy!

Update: July 14, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

I have been taking Transfemme for 9 months and continue to see progress, although it does seem to go in stages. A couple of months ago I noticed the the progress slowing down. The past couple weeks it seems to have picked up again. I have noticed more fullness recently and the current size of a bra that I'm wearing is getting almost uncomfortably tight. My husband has also noticed that my breast are becoming fuller and larger. I think that I look better in my cloths and I definitely feel better in them. This is the only consideration for me, surgery is way to risky, and these little enlargement pills have proven themselves to me over the last 9 months.


Christine Long
Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA

Dear Transfemme,

I have to tell you, that when I first contacted you and asked you about the pills and if there were any side affects, my main concern was the fact that I take medication for epilepsy. Your response to me was to check with my doctor. I felt a little silly because I was wondering if this was just another Internet scam.

My husband ran across your advertisement while browsing some web pages. He sent me the info and I read all about it, probably a dozen times, wondering if it would really work. I'm 35 and have been wearing a "B cup" since high school. I started taking the pills on May 19, 1999, three per day with a popular brand of protein drink. I was wearing bras that were size 34B and fitting loose.

After about 5 weeks of not thinking anything was happening and getting real discouraged, I went and got a whey protein isolate protein drink. I've been drinking 1 protein shake per day. Up to the end of August my 34B bra has been fitting pretty snug. On August 31, I went bra shopping. My intention was to go try on some 34C bras. A friend told me that Dillard's will measure and fit you to the correct size bra. When she measured me, she told me that 34 was correct but the B wasn't. I expected her to bring in a 34C, but instead she brought in a 34D!!!!! I about dropped. The surprising part was, they fit! I think I'm a small "D cup." I've come this far, I'm looking forward to increasing at least one more bra size.

Thank you so much! I will update you when I reach my final goal. :o) Caren


Caren Dickinson
Clinton, Utah, USA
e-mail: Caren792@aol.com

Date: June 30, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

Hello. My name is Felicia and after about six months of taking this product, I decided to post my story so that other women (especially mothers) can see that there is an alternative to surgery.

I started looking into alternatives to breast implants about a year ago. I had lost a lot of weight and have had 3 children. So....it goes without saying that I ended up being very small and deflated in the chest area. It got to be very depressing because I had worked so hard at losing weight, and the rest of me looked pretty good...but I had this very flat and saggy bust line and was only 28 years old! To make matters worse, I'm a single mother (divorced) and I want to get remarried someday. I thought for sure I would end up having plastic surgery so that I could look "normal" again.

I could have just left things as they were and figured that I would be accepted for me and not the way I look, but if there is a way to improve then why not do it? After all, I had worked hard at losing weight and used supplements to aid that process so I figured maybe I could try something to improve the way my breasts looked; thus began my search..... First I tried a couple of different herbal products and was surprised that they actually seemed to work giving a little fullness but not growth. I have since discovered that the results were only water retention and are temporary.

Then one day I typed in a search for implant alternatives to see what else was out there. I clicked on the link to the Transfemme site and read it ...and re-read a few times before I finally called and asked about a million questions. The woman I talked to was very kind and informative (not to mention patient lol). I think I called a few times before I finally placed an order. I was VERY skeptical but decided to give it a try. Well...I have been taking it for almost six months now and the growth has been slow but I did gain a full cup size so far. Not only am I bigger, my breasts are recovered from breast feeding, they are fuller and round on top again.

From what I hear, a lot of women grow faster than this and it depends on your body type and metabolism, etc. I wish that my body would respond as rapidly as some of the women who take this, but any improvement over what I had is good! And this is definitely working. It's not my imagination, it's real growth. It also has helped with my PMS symptoms! It took a couple months for that to happen, but over the past few months I have noticed a difference, so that is an added advantage. I am going to continue this product until I increase another size or two and will give an update in probably another six months or so to say how it is going.

If anyone would like to ask me questions, please email me and I would be happy to talk with you!


Felicia A.
New Hampshire, USA
e-mail: MBJTAR@aol.com

Date: September 13, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

I wore a 34A bra and was tired of not looking good in clothes and having no figure. I would see 12 year olds with bigger boobs than me and it was frustrating. I found out about Transfemme on the internet and I began taking the pills and drinking the shakes a year ago. I was very discouraged because for three months, I had absolutely no results. But I stuck with it. In the fourth month, I was taking a shower one morning and boom, there they were. It felt like I grew a whole size overnight. It seemed after that the longer I took the pills, the faster I grew, until at the end I was growing about a cup size every 30 days. Yesterday, about a year after starting, I bought and fit comfortably into a 36 DD bra.

My life has changed in so many ways. I am so confident now in my new wardrobe (6 more inches means you need more roomy clothes). I proudly show my size off with the clothes I wear (it's actually hard not show show off a ton of cleavage, I have so much now). My boyfriend says he is in heaven (he likes big boobs) and doesn't even look at other women anymore. The best part is running across friends that used to be bigger in the bust than me (as everyone was) and now are much smaller. One friend in particular I always thought of as pretty big in the bosom. She now seems rather small compared to me. All my friends always seemed to practically go in shock when they see me, from jealousy I suspect.

There are some new problems that go with being "busty". Most men just look at my chest now instead of my face, and I get lots of hoots and hollers, probably because my chest is so big compared to the rest of me (5'5", 23 inch waist, 109 pounds, 41 inch bust).

Overall, I love my size and would tell everyone to go for it and hang in there. I will be sending before and after pictures soon.


Angeline Fink
Syracuse, NY, USA
e-mail: LiquidassetR@netscape.net

Date: November 25, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

I am another one of those who was considering surgical implants for my breasts. None of the ads for other products made any sense to me and the idea of taking a product for the rest of my life just to keep certain breast size was not for me. Several of the women in the other testimonials for other products complained about the flavor of the teas or the tediousness of rubbing in creams. I guess I think I have better things to do with my life than being obsessed with taking care of my breasts.

I did not have the money for surgery and was pretty horrified by the pictures of failed implants. So I was very hesitant to do this procedure. On the other hand, how could a pill possibly work? I came across the Transfemme ad on the Web entirely by chance as I was doing a reference question (I'm a public librarian). Some of what I got to read just skimming the information before passing it to the patron made sense. Later in the day, I called the 800 number and talked with the saleswoman. She forwarded me an article from a magazine about glandulars and how they work. Since I knew this was the principle for Transfemme, I thought a bit more, read the testimonials *again* , gulped and forked out the $350.00. Much more than any of the other natural products. I was sure I was throwing my money away, but thought I should give the product a try anyway. I have a long time boyfriend who really loves large breasts and mine, after 2 pregnancies, and 4 years of breastfeeding were a bit wanting at 41 years of age.

Imagine my surprise when after only 2 weeks of pills and mildly repellant whey protein isolate shakes, my boyfriend was already commenting on my larger size. It was unreal. Now it is a month later and I am starting to feel my bras getting uncomfortably tight. I was a 32C, but I am falling out of those bras and need to buy some new ones. I am not so firm as I would have thought from reading the other testimonials, but I think that will come in time. I can feel the pulling I remember so well from when I was a teenager. And certainly I can see a sort of swell in the top part of my breast. That has not been the case for years.

Already, after only a month I am starting to wear sweaters again. Granted, they are loose ones, but I would never wear sweaters before because I did not think my breasts were anything worth showing off at all. Now I am starting to think so . The bounce is coming back both in my breasts and in my self esteem. I know it is very silly to tie my self confidence in with the appearance of my breasts, but I can't seem to shake it. Especially when my boyfriend loves breasts so much.

Reading the testimonials is a big incentive to me to keep taking the pills and drinking the shakes. I don't like them very much at all, but I know that they make a difference from reading the testimonials, so I do it. And when I feel the stretching of the skin on my chest I am very happy. I can only describe it as the way I felt when my breasts were full and the milk started to 'let down' as I nursed my babies. I hope to get to a 34D or maybe a 34DD before I stop taking the pills. I estimate it will take 6-9 months, if growth continues at the rate it has for this month. I am delighted and would recommend this type of enlargement to anyone. I am gaining no weight, but by breasts are staring to get round and fill out at the bottom. The nipples are pointing straight out now and I expect the top to fill in shortly.

Thank you for this wonderful product! Yeah, I know I am paying for it, but you all did the research and made it possible. I don't begrudge the cost at all. Although I suspect the difference in cost between this and surgery is not so very much by the time you figure in the cost of the shakes. But it is spread out and the results are so much better. I did not want hard tits. I wanted soft breasts. And I'm getting them, slowly and surely.


Cathryn B.
Chicago, Illinois, USA
e-mail: bcathryn@netscape.net

Date: September 14, 2000

Dear Transfemme,


I would just like to take the time to tell you how this product has helped me. 4 months ago I started taking your product, and I started out with a 34AA breast size. I had tried the Herbal pills--that didn't work, so I was hesitant to try this. My biggest concern was my flat deflated breasts due to breast feeding 4 children. I started to take the product along with 3 protein drinks a day along with my meals, and began to notice my breasts started to fill in after about 1 month. By this I mean--my nipples were no longer pointing downward, and the breasts were actually beginning to become more firm. I do feel the breasts are tender, and sore in the beginning of the month--probably due to my cycle. I have also found that during this time the breasts do show continual growth and firmness. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I found you on the Internet. I am now at a FULL 34B, and will continue to take this product until I reach my goal of 36C. I have no doubt that this product will work for other women, just as it has worked for me. My only regret is I didn't take a photo of myself BEFORE I started taking this product. I will definitely send an after photo. I'm sure the smile will be as big as my breast size!

Thank you Transfemme!!

Bridget J.
e-mail: CAT119EYES@aol.com

Date: July 26, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I have always been very self conscious about my breast size. I was a 32B. I am a small person, I wear a size 5. After having my 2 children and nursing them I lost everything, I went to a 32AA. I felt like I looked like my 10 year old. What really was hard was my 14 year old wears a very full 36B and looks great. I found myself feeling very depressed when she would wear something of mine and look much better in it. Before finding you web site and reading about your product I thought wearing curves or surgery was my only options. My husband was very much against the surgery, and curves may help you look better in your clothes, but they are hot and smelly. I have just finished my first 3 months of taking Transfemme Breast. And placed an order for 3 more. The first 2 months the fullness I had before nursing my girls had came back. And now at the end of 3 months I have add 3/4 of an inch. Doesn't sound like much, but it proves to me it is working and next summer I will wear my bathing suit and feel good about it.

I welcome anyone's email that would like to talk about Transfemme. It is a very fitting name for the product.

Thanks again,

Texas, USA
e-mail: henley@metronet.com

Date: September 21, 2000

Dear Transfemme,


My update is, things are growing great! I am wearing a small 32B and have had to let my husband in on my new secret. One night he says " This may seem like a strange thing to say but are your breast growing"? He thought I might be pregnant again. After I quit laughing I told him I had found the most wonderful thing in the world. My 5th month taking the 3 pills a day and drinking my shakes has been the month that I have experienced the most growth.

I am looking for a picture to send. I've gone from a 32aa to a 32B!

Transfemme Customer

Date: November 13, 2000

Hello Laurie,

Yes it is exciting. I started as an A cup or maybe even a AA cup. It is hard to say. When I was younger, in high school, I had very nice breasts, about a C cup. Over the years and due to dieting and exercise, my size decreased significantly. Really, it is the first time in nearly 20 years that I have had over an A cup. I am now in about a B cup and can see that I am growing. In fact, over the past week I have seen almost daily changes.

This is great! It took me about five months before I started to see any changes at all, I have been on the product now for about 7 1/2 months. It may seem like a long time but really, time passes anyway, doesn't it? I get the feeling that the growth will be much quicker now. My girth measurement has only grown about 1 inch but I have increased a full cup size at least. Also, no weight gain but it is challenging for me to get into the kind of shape I used to be in. I am totally a jock but have given up cardio for a while.

Here is my biggest hope.............. I would like to grow to a large size, maybe D or DD, then start doing the cardio exercise again that I have been used to over the years without too much size loss? Also, thanks so much for the website. It really has helped me through the "quiet" periods more than I can say. The only real bit of advice I can give is to stick it out. There is no special formula other than to follow the directions, take the capsules and drink the shakes, and wait. It will happen for you. Remember, time passes anyway. Why not use it?

Thanks Transfemme gals! You're great.

Yours Truly,

Robin Y.
Seattle, Washington, USA
e-mail: themantagirl@netscape.net

Date: February 22, 2000


I am writing to you to thank-you and to let you know my story. I am a mom with three beautiful children. I breastfed all three. Before children, I was a "perky" size B. I had no complaints since I am only 5' 2" and weigh 105 lbs. I was very active in my teens and I am sure that is one reason I did not get very big breasts. After my first child and breastfeeding for seven months, I was totally depressed with what my breast had turned into. They were no longer "perky" that is for sure. I tried push-up bras, but you have to have SOMETHING to push up in order for those babies to work. I decided at that point that as soon as I was done having children, I would have to get surgery to have any sort of breasts.

So here I was, two more children later....and after breastfeeding the second and the third for a year each, my breasts were flatter than my husbands. He works out so he has nice pecks. I scheduled surgery three times..and canceled each time because I had doubts. My husband never did support me when I wanted to have surgery. He said if I wanted to do it, go ahead but he didn't want me to do it anyway and he didn't feel good about it.

I tried an herbal breast enlargement company. It DIDN'T work. It was a six month program and I was faithful with the 12 pills a day and the gross stinky cream twice a day. I really wanted it to work, but it didn't. After I cancelled my surgery the third time, I went on the internet looking for a miracle. That is when I found Transfemme. I couldn't believe the stories and pictures that I saw. It sounded too good to be true. I read and re-read every single testimonial and looked at all the pictures over and over. Then, right there and then, I bought a six month supply.

I was a little worried about it working for me because I am thin and have low body fat. I was teaching aerobics two times a week and my biggest concern was that if I stop doing cardio..will I get fat. After talking to reps from Transfemme and getting e-mail from some of the girls I wrote to that are on Transfemme, I decided to stop teaching aerobics and continue to lift weights and eat healthy. I still do cardio two times a week but not as intense as before. I have to do some cardio!! And I lift weights three times a week.

Well here is where I am at now. I have only been on the program for three weeks today. I drink a protein shake in the morning when I wake up and one at night before I go to bed. I got my protein from Kathy's Fitness as suggested by some of the girls on this site. It is SO good. The chocolate is the best. I have tried many different brands and kinds of protein and hated them all...until now. I take my three pills a day faithfully. Well, three weeks ago when I started the program, I measured my whole body, not just my breasts. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be gaining somewhere else also.

I started out at 33 inches around my bust line. Within a few days I felt something going on in my breast. I felt sore like when I was pregnant and itching like mad. Within about a week, my husband who thought I once again wasted my money, told me that he honestly thought my boobs were growing. Coming from him, that meant a lot.

Two weeks after I started the program, I measured and to my surprise, I was 33 1/2 inches. I had gained half an inch in just two weeks. I knew they had grown. I was already feeling different in my clothes and I was actually starting to fill in my H2O bra that I wear every day, You know, to make me LOOK like I had boobs. To my amazement, I measured this morning, three weeks after being on the program and I am almost a full 34 inches. I am confident that by the time I finish one month on the program, I will have grown a full inch.

I can't tell you how wonderful it fills to be "growing breasts". My husband said the other night, "aren't you glad you didn't go ahead with the surgery". YES, I am so glad. My goal size is to be a "perky" small size C. I know that I will get to that size probably sooner than six months. I did take before pictures and I am going to take pictures every month to chart my progress. I will definetly keep you posted. This is SO exciting!

Thank-you Transfemme

Seattle, USA

Date: July 12, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

Just wanted to send a quick note updating you on my progress. I've been using your product for 9 months now and increased a full cup size. Maybe it doesn't sound like much in that duration, but the amazing thing is I lost 30 pounds during that period. Instead of losing all my breast size I am bigger! I will continue to lose another 20 pounds and look forward to increasing my breast size by two more cup sizes. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again.


Lisa S.

Date: March 5, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

I've been using Transfemme now for 1 full month. I just finished my first bottle of pills. I started out as a very small and very "deflated" 32A. Within this first 4 weeks, I have watched changes occur to my breasts weekly, and sometimes even daily! They have become much rounder. The Transfemme pills have added 1 full inch to my bust line so far. I have always been thin with not much body fat, so I drink 1 or 2 protein shakes a day (containing 50g protein each) and I've increased my calorie and fat intake. Although I am still very small and there has not been a big enough increase for anyone to notice but me, I am confident that I will get the results I am looking for. My goal is to add 2 cup sizes and several inches and Transfemme has helped me take the first steps.

Thank you so much!

Rhonda Forester
California, USA
e-mail: rforester1@hotmail.com

Date: February 14, 2000

Dear Transfemme,

Just wanted to send a quick note updating you on my progress. I've been using your product for 9 months now and increased a full cup size. Maybe it doesn't sound like much in that duration, but the amazing thing is I lost 30 pounds during that period. Instead of losing all my breast size I am bigger! I will continue to lose another 20 pounds and look forward to increasing my breast size by two more cup sizes. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again.


Lisa S.

Dear Transfemme,

I am 5'6" and 28 years old. I was always very flat chested (34A) even though my sisters were younger, they had large breasts (C and D cups). I was thinner and more athletic, so I guess I just missed out. I was tired of being teased by my sisters, and I wanted to look better in my clothes.

I began taking the Transfemme pills last June, in the hopes it would work.. I took 3 pills a day plus the shakes, and I noticed growth after just one week. My breasts grew like crazy after that. In 6 months, I grew right up to my youngest sister's size (36D) and right past her!! My initial goal was a C cup, but once I got there so quickly, I wanted to keep on growing. I then decided I wanted to be as big as Heidi, the Transfemme Girl. I am proud to say I am now larger than Heidi, at 36DD!!!

Obviously, I had to throw out all my tops, blouses, and dresses, because my bust was too large to fit in them anymore. Also, my nipples grew much larger, and it is somewhat of a problem to hide them (these are all good problems, in my mind). I didn't gain any weight, and still have a 23 inch waist (to go with my 41 inch bust line). Sex has been so much better, and to say the least, my husband definitely has his hands full now!!

To anyone who thinks a DD is too large, I say no way. My younger sister says I'm too big. I think she's just jealous because I am a cup size larger than her now, and still weigh less than her! I think I have a great shape, and it doesn't look too big at all. This is an absolute dream come true! I am emailing my pictures to Transfemme soon. Thanks

Thank you Transfemme!!!

Julie R.
Akron, OH, USA

Date: July 3rd, 1999

Dear Transfemme,

I am 33 years old and have been on Transfemme for three months now. After the birth of my daughter 15 years ago, I went from a D cup to a A cup after taking pills to dry up my milk! I can't tell you how that looked. I still had the D skin but nothing to fill them in, it was so ugly. After being on your product for a month I got really discouraged from seeing no results, then, all of the sudden, I have increased two inches!!! My husband who didn't want me to "waste my money " can't believe it. He is now bringing me protein shakes and helping out however he can. I am very thin and have very little fat in my body and cannot believe that this is working! I will be making another order soon and will continue to check in with my progress. After 11 years of not letting my husband see my chest with the lights on, I cannot wait to show him now. I couldn't possibly explain what that means to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. I have just finished my 13th week and am very excited to continue!!


Hello again from Louisiana. I am giving you an update. I have just popped out of a B- cup bra!!!. If you remember my last report, I had added 2 inches... Now, I am in a C-cup and should probably fill it in within the next two months or so. Not bad considering the fact that I started out with an A-cup! I'm so amazed and so happy that I don't have to look like I use to. I want so much to send in my before pictures but I feel that they looked so bad that I don't have the nerve. I will keep them as a reminder of what Transfemme breast has done for me and my confidence. I am going to keep taking my pills, drinking my shakes, and writing to you with updates. It's almost time for a re-order and I can't wait to see what I'll be like in two or three months!! Thank you once again for giving me more self esteem and confidence than I ever dreamed possible. I will gladly share my experience with others. Till next time, Take care.

Thank you for all you've done for me.

Melissa L.
Louisiana, USA
e-mail: ricssy@aol.com

Date: November 14th, 1998

Dear Transfemme,

I had to write and tell you how glad I am to have found "Transfemme Breast". I am a mother of 3 and as most women know, pregnancy does wonders for a woman's body, eeeekk........

Thirteen years ago I was a 32A and by the end of what was my first pregnancy I was a 42D. But the catch is that within 6 months I had lost weight and the breasts began sagging terribly. Having two more children didn't help matters either, talk about insecurities!!!! So here I am thirteen years later and I have discovered "Transfemme Breast", a pill that has done absolute wonders for me. At 3 pills a day and one to two protein drinks a day, within a 2 week period of time, I have noticed breast growth. I was a 34 B/C now I am a full 34/36C. I wasn't necessarily looking for bigger, but firmer and I have found it!!! If you want bigger/firmer breasts and easy, painless hassle free way, "Transfemme Breast" is the answer!


It has been almost 9 months since beginning "Transfemme". I can honestly say it has worked wonders for me!!! I began as a flat 34B/C, within a 2-3 week period of time I began noticing a change. Change being I was experiencing growth or should I say fullness.

Whereas before I was a flat and saggy, I was beginning to fill in. As time went by results seemed to slow down, maybe it just wasn't as noticeable at that point and time. Within 4-5 months I was firm enough that I felt comfortable enough to go braless at least around the house and feel attractive rather than feeling as if my breasts were small and yet still reaching for my knees. I was at least at this point a full 34C!!!!! As of today, approximately 9 months after beginning "Transfemme" I can go to "Victoria's Secret" and proudly buy a 34/D, YIPEEEE!!!!!!

Side Effects - NONE!! no weight gain, no change in menstrual cycles, no change in appetite, NO negative side effects.......WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?

Thanks so much!

Lisa Brown
Texas, USA
e-mail: lb4665@hotmail.com

Date: November 14th, 1998

Dear Transfemme,

Thank you so much for giving me my self esteem back!

Before I had my two WONDERFUL children (now ages 3 and 2), I was blessed with a good body, including great breasts (size 36C). When I became pregnant with my son, my breasts underwent an unbelievable transformation. When he was born and I began nursing, they increased to a size 42DD!!! Once I stopped nursing, most of my body went back to the way it was. My breasts, however, were a disaster. They had been stretched so much, there was nothing left except 2 loose flaps of skin. They looked like a couple of pancakes. The nipples even pointed to the floor! It was so bad, not even a push-up bra could help - all that happened was that the loose skin settled at the bottom of the cups. Needless to say, I became extremely self-conscious. I began to wear very loose and baggy clothes. I couldn't have cared less about my hair and I rarely used make-up anymore. I couldn't control the tears whenever I looked in the mirror. It was horrible. I was 30 years old and looked like I was 90!

After my daughter was born 1 year later, I began to consider implants. Then reality struck - my physical appearance was not nearly as important as living my life to the fullest with my children. I decided that the risk of implants was not worth it.

Several months later I spoke with my doctor who referred me to another patient - Julie! He told me that she was using the Transfemme Breast pills and that she had experienced great results. After my conversation with her, I placed my first order.

It took approximately 3 1/2 months for the pills to start working. It was so frustrating, but I stuck with it. It was worth giving every effort I had. I drank 1 protein drink/day and took the maximum dosage of 6 pills/day. All of a sudden I started seeing results. Just a little at first, but all of a sudden....WOW! I began taking the pills in April (or was it May??). I now fill out my old bras (36C). My self esteem is back! I am proud to wear more fitted clothing and I take great care of my appearance. I just placed my last order for a 3 month supply. I want to make sure I get the maximum results while the momentum is going!

Words cannot express my appreciation. You gave me a very important part of my life back!

Thank you Transfemme!!!

Monica R.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Date: July 9, 1999

Dear Transfemme,

I am writing to thank you for this wonderful product. Since I was a teenager I would always shop for clothes, just to find that they did not fit me. I was too small up top and although I could wear a padded bra to fill in the excess material, the bras were not only fake but uncomfortable. After much unhappiness and obsessing about my size for years, I decided that getting saline implants was would be the only solution to my problem. As I seriously began looking into it, a friend told me about a product called ERDIC. I began searching for it on the Internet when I stumbled across the Transfemme System. I read through Transfemme's web page and the way it works with your body seemed more logical than what ERDIC had to offer. I also chose the WONDER System because unlike ERDIC, the results are permanent!!!

I received my first supply of pills in May. I took 3 pills per day, but with no protein shakes. I assumed that since I consumed enough protein through foods such as chicken, eggs, fish, and milk, I did not need the shakes. I continued to take the pills for two months, but still with no growth. In two months I felt soreness and itchiness but still no noticeable increase in size. I began to wonder if I had wasted my money, or if this product just wasn't meant for my body. At only a 34A, I believed that surgery would be the only way to relieve my obsessions.

It was at this point that I decided to take the protein shakes. I drank 34 grams of protein per day, along with my pills. I also made the decision to take 6 pills per day instead of 3. Within 3 weeks I began to see growth! I grew from a 34A to a 34B. The combination of 6 pills per day along with the protein shakes allowed me to become the size that I am today. I will continue to take the pills for 3-6 more months until which I hope to become a full 34B or a small C.

I am glad that I was able to stumble across the Transfemme System. At first, I was very weary about the idea of pills that could increase your bust size. Not only that but I also questioned health issues. It has been almost 2.5 months since I've been on the pills and there have been no side effects. For anyone who is interested in this product, remember to be patient because results don't happen overnight. And most important, don't forget to drink your protein shakes! It was only when I started drinking the shakes that I began to see my growth.

Thank God this worked, I am feeling so happy now and glad I did not need surgery.


Jennifer T.
California, USA

Date: April 16, 1999

Dear Transfemme,

I am writing this letter in an effort to let others know that the "Transfemme" pills are truly effective. I began taking the pills December, 1998. Within one month, I had increased from an A cup to a B cup. I did not tell my husband what I was doing because I was sure he would be little me for believing the claims set forth by Transfemme. He commented on my growth within that month and I spilled the beans. My skepticism melted right away with the results.

I am now pregnant and have had to discontinue use (temporarily) of the pills, however, I just placed another order so that I may continue their use upon the birth of my child. I am truly excited about the difference this small change has made in the way I feel about myself and the way my clothes fit.

I would like to mention that there has been some discussion of your breast enlargement formula over the morning and talk radio shows. Continued use of this medium as well as others should help increase your sales and get your message out.

Keep up the good work.


Mrs. D. Cook
Georgia, USA

Dear Transfemme,

Thank you for a personal reply. As you know medical personnel (maybe Canada only?) claim there is no breast enhancers, pills, exercise, or anything short of implants that will increase bust size.

Perhaps God favored or singled me out. But not only am I able to fill a C-cup bra. I have a complete new outlook on myself.

By all means you can print my letter (please don't use my last name) But do mention that I am 50+ and my life has completely turned around. :)



Dear Transfemme,

Please send me one month's supply of the Transfemme System (90) tablets. The bottle should have 90 tablets.

Also I want to let you know that the enlargement pills actually work, thank god for inventing these miracle tablets.

Send coupons if you have it.


Ms. Ozzie G.

Dear Transfemme,

I would like to place my second order for a six month supply of Transfemme. I have only used your system for a few months & I have already gone from a B to a C cup, & finally feel great about myself. Do you suggest only a six month plan? Or does continued usage only keep on improving size? I would like my dreams bigger yet!


Gayle W., RN
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Transfemme,

Please send me 3 months supply of your Transfemme pills. Please rush out my order to me priority mail. Your product has changed my life. Thank you for everything, this may be my last order. I'm pleased to say that the Transfemme System has worked well for me!

I love what it has done for me, my beautiful breasts are all I've dreamed of. Thank you for your letters of information and inspiration, I like to hear from you. Thank you for your trust worthiness and honor!


Lynn M.

Dear Transfemme,

I ordered the Transfemme 4 months ago and lost your address when I moved. I have been looking for your advertisements but haven't been able to find any. I did finally find your address and I am placing another order for a six month supply. I am very excited to tell you that after only one month I gained a whole cup size! I have breast feed four children and lost breast size and firmness, since taking your product everyone has noticed how much bigger my chest is. Please send extra order forms for my sister and friends.


Danity Worthy

Dear Transfemme,

I just wanted to say how happy I am with Transfemme. It has definitely made a difference in how I feel about myself. I have tried one other product and got some results, but the minute I stopped using the product what little results I did get, disappeared. Needless to say when I decided to use Transfemme I was a little skeptical so I only ordered one bottle. I started with one pill three times a day with a protein shake for the first week, after that I decided to take two three times a day with a protein shake I couldn't believe I had gotten noticeable result after finishing my first bottle the real test came when I didn't order my next bottle in time so there was a month in between bottles. With the previous product I used my results diminished within the first week, with Transfemme my results where here to stay.

I have been on Transfemme for about two months and have increased not only my self esteem but also my breast size I went from a very loose fitting 38b to a very very snug 38b in just two months I plan to continue taking the pills until I get to a 38c I will definitely refer my family and friends.

I can't thank you enough.

Darnice Perez
New Mexico, USA

Dear Transfemme,

Thank you for your wonderful product! I have always been an A cup, except during pregnancy and nursing my 3 children. During that time, I soared to a D cup, so you can imagine how "deflated" my breast were after returning to my normal size! I was considering breast augmentation when I discovered your website, and decided to give Transfemme a try.

After 6 months, I have increased to a B cup and gained nearly 2" on my bust line. I was hoping for quicker progress, but since I have very little body fat and work out regularly, my progress has been slower than "average." But I have seen an impressive increase in firmness, and my breast look SO much better! I want to encourage women who may not see a large increase immediately to stay with your product. Everyone is not so fortunate to gain a cup size in a couple of months. But it DOES work!! Thanks again!!


Anne D.
Texas, USA

Date: November 14th, 1998

Dear Transfemme,

My name is Nancy. I thought I would write and tell you how I've been doing since I started Transfemme. When I started taking your pills I was a little under an A cup. I started wearing curves (breast enhancers) before I started your system to see what size I would like to be. When I first started taking your pills it seemed very slow. I wondered if it was going to work for me. I talked to you and you suggested 6 pills a day instead of three and a protein drink. I did what you said and was very impressed with the results. I'm up to a B cup now. My goal is a C. I'm sure I'll be there soon. I'm a 31 year old house wife with two girls. The most figure I've ever had was when I was pregnant. I've always been self-conscious about the way my clothes fit because of my breast size. Now I can wear blouses and feel good about myself. Thank you for all you've done for me.

Thank you Transfemme!!!

Nancy S.
Missouri, USA
e-mail: nrsnas@hotmail.com

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