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All our female customers have used BountifulBreast, natural breast enhancement pills, which is the sister product of Transfemme.

Dear Transfemme,

Thank you for using me as your "Transfemme girl"! I've always had nice breasts (34C) and I was basically happy with my size. I wouldn't have minded a little extra but I was not about to have implant surgery and end up with hardened breasts. I had gained a few pounds and was exercising, then naturally my breasts seemed to be getting smaller. That was something I dreaded, I didn't want to end up a 34b at 5'8.

A friend who had used Transfemme told me I should call the company to ask if it could help me retain my size or grow a little while exercising and dieting. I called in and was told that they couldn't guarantee I would grow but it should help me stay at my normal size during my weight loss program, so I gave it a try and hoped for the best.

Much to my surprise I grew from a 34C to a 37DD within a few short months and I lost 8 pounds from all over my body except from my breasts! The growth was an unexpected bonus, which I have to admit now that my breasts are larger, I am very happy with the extra size. I truly believe this is the best natural breast enlargement available and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they need breast enlargement, enhancement or firming.

Yours truly,
Heidi VonSont
e-mail: HeidiVonsont@ivillage.com


Dear Transfemme,

I'm from Hawaii. I have 2 different Asian nationalities, Filipino, Japanese and Brazilian. Originally, before I became pregnant, I started out as a 34 B. During my pregnancy, my breasts increased to a C cup. My breasts shrunk to a flattened A cup after breast feeding. All the roundness and fullness was gone; I was disappointed big time!

Because I'm a skeptic, I wouldn't believe a word about pills that are able to increase your bust size permanently. To me, it was a waste of money. It just so happens that I lost contact with my friend for 3-4 years before I even knew she was taking pills from Transfemme. I was able to contact her through a friend. I went to see her. I was in awe! Her breasts were fuller and bigger from the last time I saw her (which was a few years ago). That's when I found out about Transfemme.

She was my proof/evidence that this particular company called Transfemme really does "wonders" for women's breasts. At that moment, I wanted to get whatever she was on! I took 3 pills everyday with a normal meal. And a shake after my meal. Since you need to take 50 to 53 grams of whey protein isolate, I split my shake and took it twice a day rather than taking it all at once. I spoke with a nutritionist and he said your body is built to take a certain amount of protein. An individual's body can only absorb 25 grams of protein at one time. So he advised me that I should split my shake in two.

He said if I took the whole 50 to 53 grams of protein, the protein my body can't absorb at that time will be turned into waste. (That's a lot of protein, not to mention money that's wasted.) Fifty (50) to fifty-three (53) grams of protein is equivalent to eating 5 steaks. The first shake I used is called Pure Pro. It's a ready made shake in a can made from 100% whey protein isolate. There are no sugar and fat content at all. On the third day of taking the pills and the shake, I started feeling a pulling/stretchey feeling in my breasts including tenderness. I had to call Transfemme and ask if this is what I'm supposed to be feeling. It's been too long since I have been back to puberty in order for me to remember how breast pain is supposed to feel.

The woman that was helping me (I still keep in contact with her from this very day) said it's normal to feel that sensation. She was just as surprised as I was because of the fact that my body reacted rather quickly. From there on, I have experimented with other brands of protein drinks including powdered ones. After a month without taking the pills and shakes, my breasts never shrunk. A very good sign! It took me around 4-5 months to get to a B cup. It probably would've taken me 3 months to get to a B cup if I haven't decided to stop taking it for a month to test this product. My husband noticed the difference too (he had no idea I was on Transfemme at that time). My goal is to become a cup size D or DD.

There are times when I would stop taking the pills and shakes when I had a cold or the flu. My breasts never shrunk. There has been a time when I ran out of my supply of pills and I kept on drinking the protein shake and it still gave me results in the growth of my breasts. I have used Extreme Pure Pro which is a powder form you mix with cold water. It turns into juice. I tried Optimum Nutrition in the powder form. This particular one, I drank with whole milk since I wanted a little more protein with the powder. It taste better with milk than water.

The last one I tried is called Power Whey Stack which is a time released protein. I took this one with milk too. Out of all these that I have used (which are all good), I prefer the ready made shake called Pure Pro. I find my body absorbs it faster and I get a better reaction that let's me know my breasts are growing. This is amazing! Just fabulous! Just remember, just because it works for me doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for you. Just a suggestion for those of you who are using Transfemme pills and are feeling frustrated/discouraged because you feel and see no results, keep experimenting keep a tracking log of everything from exercise to what brand of protein drinks you have tried, etc. It comes in handy when you look back at it to try to figure out what works best with your body.

All the women who work at Transfemme have been very helpful and supportive of me. I call them whenever I have a question. If anyone wants to email me they can. I will do my best to answer you, however; I am married, have children and also have a full time job.


Hawaii, USA

Date: March 27 2001

Dear Transfemme,

I live in Canada. If you don't know already, our country Canada only believes the way to increase your breast size is to have surgery, better known as implants.

I am presently taking Transfemme. I have been taking it for approximately 6 weeks. I started taking 3 pills a day and have increased to taking 2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 2 at dinner, and 1 with a protein drink before I go to bed.

Before I started to take Transfemme I was very small (A cup and never filled a B cup). I would wear blouses to cover them. Now I wear sweaters and feel proud of the way I look (even my friends have commented that I look fuller). After just 6-7 weeks I was a full B cup, today I am a full C and my bras are getting tight. I will continue to take Transfemme for a few more months, at which time, I will be a full D CUP!

I still can't believe it. I feel and look so much better. I look in the mirror and I say "Wow, this is so incredible, a new me! It is truly happening, and all because of this magic pill called Transfemme." I have been buying new bras at Victoria's Secret.

I believe it is better to take the pills, rather than doing the extreme and getting surgical implants, that in my opinion, looks very unreal. I have been told by my male friends that they do not like they way they feel.

P.S. thanks for your honesty. God Bless You.




Date: June 13, 2002

Dear Transfemme,

I just wanted to drop you a note on how much I have enjoyed the results of your product. In just over 9 months I have gone from a relatively flat 36A
to a full 36C!

Let me begin by saying I am not sure where I fit in with your testimonial
group. I am a 33 year old post operative transsexual, BUT I am also one of about 50 who have had an experimental ovarian and uterine transplant as well.
So I am functionally a woman now in every sense of the word. Therefore, I do feel I fit in with the female testimonials.

Anyway, after years of synthetic hormones, and numerous surgeries to finally get to the gender I have always felt I was born, and now making my own female hormones from the transplants. I was not ready to have more surgery by having implants placed. In addition to not looking natural, the risks just seemed to outweigh the benefits of implants, but I was still 5'8'' and a flat 36A.╩While happy just to have some breast growth, I was just like any other woman and wanted more cleavage than just a padded or push-up bra provides.

Therefore, I looked at many different web sites on various breast enhancement products. After looking at the transfemme site, and e-mailing some prior users of the Transfemme products, and reviewing the ingredients with my GYN, I decided that Transfemme would offer the best hope of any breast enhancement pill.╩

As I said, I am amazed by the results. Typically the skeptic, I had my doubts as to if it would work. I started Transfemme in Jan 2001, and for the first 6 weeks or so I thought my skepticism was right. All I noticed was some tingling in the nipple region but nothing in the way of growth. I spoke with Grace and Elizabeth who both reassured me to continue and not be discouraged. I stuck with the Transfemme pills and my protein shakes and after about the 2 month mark just started to bloom! In addition to actual breast growth, my nipples
have grown both in size and sensitivity. As most transsexuals know we do not often get large nipple growth from the synthetic estrogens we take when first
starting transition. So this was a wonderful effect from the Transfemme. By the time I ended the 3rd month of Transfemme I was filling out a slightly padded 36B, and as I
said by the 9th month I was a FULL 36C!

I enjoyed my growth so much I went on a binge at Victoria's Secret. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, has also enjoyed the results of your fine product.

I have also noticed, and not sure if it is a benefit or my body just getting used to my new organs, but my periods do seem lighter and less painful as well.

I had planned on sending photos but my computer crashed just prior to writing this, and I lost all my scanned pictures, but as soon as my scanner is running I will get them too you.

Again, thank you so much for your product

Cheryl Norvanski
email cherylkts@aol.com

Date: Oct. 2, 2001

Hello everyone,

My name is Lisa and I've been on the system for nearly 6 months. I've definitely seen progress, although not maybe as fast as some. But I think that's because I nursed two children and there's a lot a catching up to do before the size begins to actually grow. I started out about a B cup but after my first son things went really downhill! I was pretty young and got quite thin for a long time after the birth which was OK because then my chest looked in proprtion. But when I got back to my normal weight my breasts didn't gain size like the rest of me. I thought there was nothing I could do, so just tried to keep toned and make the best of things. Then I had my second son. And when he was six months old, I looked great - still feeding so I was a full C/D, and had slimmed down to normal. I felt right! But things slowly went back to normal - an A cup.

That's when I started wearing padded bras, push-up bras and all that. I even wanted to get silicon curves but couldn't bring myself to wear them because they looked so fake. Having surgery just wasn't an option for me. I always thought the idea was horrible and from the TV programmes I saw, the end results look so artificial. And there are the health scares. I came across Transfemme by accident. I was on the Net and had discovered some kind of pumping device. This got my attention and I started searching for alternative breast enlargement methods. I found all the usual sites about herbal pills but thought the claims sounded far-fetched and a bit suspicious. If you can't drink coffee, alcohol and eat chocolate and have to drink litres of water, the size gain must be water retention. And it didn't sound permanent. Then I found Transfemme. I really liked the site - sounds funny, but the site gives clear information and answers a lot of the questions I had. And it had photos! and testimonials. Granted, these could have been faked (I'm a sceptic about product testimonials) but as some of the girls on the programme had included email addresses, it gave me confidence. I felt that this was a product with nothing to hide. Then I started thinking about taking pills and what the progesterone might do. So I checked out progesterone and everything I read seemed positive about it. In the end I gave in and placed an order for six months. Quite a lot of money, but I just had to see for myself.

I've been taking the pills for around 5 months and have noticed growth. I've filled out at the sides and even have a little bit of cleavage (I'd completely forgotten what it felt like!) and must be almost a C cup now. The folder said that post-pregnancy breasts will first fill out before growth begins, and this is what I've seen. I'm definitely going to order another 6 month supply because I want to get to about a D cup. That way, if I start cardio training again and my breasts lose some fat, I'll still maybe only lose a bit. I'd recommend this method to anyone. It's great to feel that you can turn back the clock a little. I really feel like I've regained part of myself (I know other ladies feel the same - someone else wrote that in her testimonial and it's true). And I feel a lot happier and more confident. It's great to feel the bounce again! And my hair looks good too!

Although results may be slow (perhaps because I nursed my sons and had to fill out first), they're really there. And it's exciting. I can hardly believe it's really me. I'm thrilled at the change and can't wait to order my next batch and keep growing!! I'll keep you up-dated.

Yours Truly,
Lisa Wallace
e-mail: walalea@euronet.nl

Date: August 16, 2001

Dear Transfemme,

I wanted you to see these pictures... I am sorry they are a little graphic and not too clear, but I was only taking them for my own progress. These results are after one month of the wonder breast and I would like to say thank you!!! I was a C cup but I decided to 'get healthy' and in the past 2 years have lost 25lbs... and all of my breasts (I was down to a push-up A cup)! I thought there was nothing out there that would help me regain what I had lost. I did not want surgery because of the dangers; and I had tried a different so-called 'breast enhancer' that did not work... it was a liquid and it was horrible to taste and for the length of that program I was not allow to have any caffeine or alcohol. (no coffee, no soda... NO Chocolate!!!)

I just wanted to add my testimonial, if you are a sceptic like I was... get the one month supply... try it for the month, measure yourself like I did and you will see results. I grew an inch and a half!! I assume that some might have slower results... but if you are in a similar situation... if you started to work out at the gym only to fine out your breasts are slowly disappearing... TRY THIS PRODUCT! I can't wait to get my next bottle!

Thank you Transfemme!!!

Melissa Acker
Catskill NY

Date: Sep. 20 2001

Dear Transfemme,

After 8 months on Transfemme pills and shakes I have grown from a loose 34B/32C to a very snug 34C. In some styles of bras, I can even wear a 34D. My expectation is that by the time I finish this 9th month of pills, I will be wearing 34D bras only. I have gotten more firm during this time and can go braless without thinking I look flat. Now the question is whether I should purchase another 3 months' supply so I can add to the firmness.

It seems that first I get some growth, then my breasts firm up. I think if I could have afforded to take the pills for a straight 9 months I would have had better, more consistent growth, but financially that was not possible. So, inevitably, just as my growth rate was really increasing, I ran out of pills and had to start again once I had the money.

The cost for the 9 months has been about $1500. I am happy with the results and am impressed that the enforced breaks (one was about 3 months), I lost none of the size I had grown.

e-mail: bcathryn@netscape.net

Date: March 7, 2001

Dear Transfemme,

My name is Lynette. I am 24 years and I weigh 125 pounds. My height is 5'4" the Transfemme system has worked wonders for me. I have always had small breasts. My boyfriend has never minded my body, small breasts or not. I was a professional cheerleader for 4 years and of course I had the smallest breasts on the team. Everyone was at least a 38B or bigger. I was so embarrassed.

After I discovered the Transfemme system my life has changed, my self esteem is up, I fill out my clothes better and I went from a 28A to a 34C in three months, and I love it! My boyfriend loves my new body and so do I! I have never been happier thanks to Transfemme! I recommend this system to any woman with small breasts.

Lynette Warren
Lakewood, Colorado


Dear Transfemme,

My name is Jo, I live in Hawaii, USA. I am 29, 5 foot tall and weigh 97 pounds.

When I started using Transfemme I was flat! I have been using Transfemme for one year and I am now a 36C!!!!!! and my okole is still the same size. (okole means butt in Hawaiian) LOL. I have a high metabolism and have a hard time keeping weight on my body. I have been eating 3 full meals a day and a protein shake with my breakfast. ADVICE to thin women short or tall, make sure you eat 3 full meals a day with at least 40 to 50grams of whey protein isolate a day. Make sure you eat first then take the shake. Taking the shake before you eat will make you too full to eat a full meal. It took me one year to grow t a 36C.

Yours truly,

Hawaii, USA
e-mail: cuteyeah@msn.com


Hi There,

My name is Angelia Wellman. I'm a thirty year old, married, stay at home Mother of two. After the birth of my son three years ago I checked into having my breasts enlarged and the cost was out of my price range, so I figured I'd be shaped like a boy for the rest of my life. Granted a 36B is not small, but when you have a 17 inch shoulder span it sure doesn't look very big because they are so spread out.

Then one night my husband and I were watching TV and we saw a documentary on something called Urdex (I think) . Well being curious about this I got online and started searching. I never found that product, but what I did find was a website for Transfemme.

After reading all the information that was offered I decided to give it a try, and purchased a three month supply. I was very skeptical about a pill that could actually increase breast size, but I figured the cost of failure with this compared to that of surgery was worth it. On March 31st, I received my order of pills. Before I even started taking them I took a bust line measurement; 36 3/4 inches. Then I started taking the enhancement pills. 1 pill three times a day and one 8 oz protein drink with each.

The first two weeks I didn't notice anything , so I increased my dosage to two pills three times a day with the protein drinks. This past Friday (April 30th exactly four weeks) I took my bust measurement again and WOW I am now 38 inches. That's an inch and a quarter in only four week's!!!! I'm so thrilled!! My Husband can't complain either, not only has my bust line increased but so has my sex drive!! It's driving him NUT'S !!! I am not yet sure what size I would like to be yet I'm just going to keep taking them until I get to that point.

Surgery is definitely not the answer. I don't know about anyone else but when I see women on TV I can tell right away which ones have had the surgery it just looks so fake. That's why I am so Happy with my results from these pills. It's ME not a bunch of plastic!

Thanks Transfemme !!!

Update: I recently sent my photo in 5 months after being off Transfemme. Go to the photo gallery to see my photo.

Angelia Wellman


Date: March 27 2001

Hi Laurie,

When I first started using Transfemme, I was very optimistic because I'd been corresponding with a few ladies who had great results with the product. But I was also scared that it might not work for me, because I have tried SO many products before (you name it, I tried it!) with no results - just swelling which went away as soon as I stopped taking it.

With Transfemme, I started taking it with protein shakes and within the week I felt my breasts were more tender and sometimes itchy (which was exciting because it felt like I was growing!) I started out as barely fitting an A cup. Within a month and a half I was trying on some B cups and they fit perfectly!! After 3 months my boyfriend even bought me a bra that was a small C cup!! I was surprised and amazed, because I didn't think I'd grown that much! I still fit mostly Bs but I can fit into some small C cups. The best thing is that even after I stopped taking the contraceptive pill and lost the weight that I gained from the pill, I still kept my growth from Transfemme and didn't lose any weight off my breasts, which is usually the first place to go. :)

To anyone who is considering taking Transfemme, you have to remember that it takes time, but it really works! While it might seem that I've had really fast results, I've actually only grown just over 1 inch in 3 months (probably because I'm very thin) but have gained quite a bit of fullness. I still want to be a full C cup, because I thought that a B cup would look much bigger than it does. I know Transfemme will take me there!! When I am a full C cup I will send my "after" picture so those of you who are non-believers will be inspired!

Thank you, Laurie, for all your support and your generosity and thanks Transfemme for this great alternative to implants!!

Sydney, Australia


Date: March 27 2001

Dear Transfemme,

I cannot begin to thank you for what Transfemme has done for my life. I am a 21 year old mom. My breast size has been my biggest "pet peeve" since I began high school and I realized I was going to live my life with an "a" cup. I would wear big sweat shirts, anything to hide my bony body and flat chest. I felt so ashamed of my looks I would always walk slouched over.

Once I had my son, my breasts became a "b" cup (with the milk) and whoa...I thought I was sporting' some big ones! Once I quit breastfeeding, my self esteem shot lower than before. I was back to an "a" cup, only they were a flat, saggy "a" cup. I felt like my body looked like a ten year old.

I began to look into breast surgery, my friend had it done about 5-6 years ago. I wanted to go for it, the catch was, I am a single mom and my son and I have no other means of support other than myself. I began to think of how many months and then years it would take me to save four or five thousand dollars, not to mention my down time to recover. That's when I ran across my most favorite people!

I began reading through your breast enlargement stories and found Julie's email address. I was a little skeptical but I had heard of a pill that was something of that nature on 20/20 and with talking to Julie; I had nothing to lose, Transfemme was my only hope. I am very self conscious about my looks and depression runs in my family, I believe my breast size was making me depressed. After taking Transfemme I noticed my moods were altered and I feel happy now.

I have been on the system for 15 weeks, I am a full "B" cup now. Even though I am not where I want to be yet, and still feel small, my breasts are back to the way they were when I breastfeed. I am proud of myself because I remind myself by next spring, I will have the body I have always dreamed about!

I must add how the staff at Transfemme has been so sincere and caring, they are a wonder as well as these extraordinary pills. I will be sending my before and after pictures in the mail.

This has made me so happy!
Thank you so much!!

Update: February 21, 2000. I have now grown a full 6 inches from 32 to 38!


Jennifer Johnson
Manassas, Virginia
e-mail: jenniferjohnson888@excite.com


Date: March 27 2001

Dear Transfemme,

I finally found what I've spent years praying for! I've always been surrounded by women in the family who had larger than average breast sizes (c-ddd-e); then there was AAA me (probably from heavy athletics in through adolescent.) I could literally feel my rib cage through my breast. I was a rail at 5'9" and 120 lbs.

For years I put pads (big pads) in my bras, but people could feel them when I hugged them. Then I switched to silicon enhancers, but they get sweaty and stinky. I was getting closer and closer to a breast augmentation, which I was terrified of, when I ran across Transfemme Breast on the Internet. It was my last hope, and my prayers were answered.

I am the skeptic of all skeptics. I have never bought anything from TV, the Internet, magazines, or shopping networks because of skepticism and a fear of risk; no matter how beneficial a company made a product sound. I even asked my OB-GYN about breast enhancing pills. He said they were safe, but that they wouldn't work. I know now this was only because not a lot of people know about this very real product. I cannot express how real this is, and how much Transfemme has changed my life.

I started Transfemme March 31st , 1999 as a AA or a AAA. By May 4th, 1999 (just 5 weeks later) I was a small 32 B, and I rid my life of those smelly silicon enhancers!!!! It is now mid June, and I am outgrowing the bra I bought in May. Summer is here, and for the first year ever, swimsuit shopping was exciting. No more droopy, soggy, foam filled suits. This year I bought a string bikini. I have breasts, wonderfully firm perky breasts, and they are real!

I took 6 pills a day (2 with each meal) and one protein shake a day. My growth did slow down when I stopped drinking shakes, but it did pick back up when I started drinking them again. It is absolutely essential to take the shakes to enhance Transfemme's results. I just ordered my 3rd and 4th bottles of Transfemme. Because of the pill strength increase, I am going to take 3 pills a day and continue the shakes. My goal is a 34 C bra size, and a lingerie shopping spree, and I don't have a doubt in the world that Transfemme will take me there. The best advise I can give to anyone who runs across this is, don't hesitate! It is so worth it.


Stacey Schweiss
Ballwin, Missouri

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