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Transfemme and questions about m to f feminization

March 6, 2012 by  
Filed under Feminization

Could I ask the function of the pituitary ingredient?  Is that what grows the new brain cells wired with just estrogen receptors causing the changes to be permanent?  Does your product cause my body into a forced to feminize mode so it will keep making female hormones even after I stop using Transfemme m to f transgender hormone pills?  I want bigger breasts naturally without getting male breast implants or using hormones.

The Transfemme transgender pills stimulate your hormones and regenerate the master control of the brain, which is the pituitary.
So yes, you are correct in a way.  Your body is going to produce more estrogen by converting your testosterone into estrogen. Think of your testicles as turning into mini estrogen producers and they will shrink.  You will be able to wear little panties or bikini bottoms eventually and just tuck everything in.

You want to keep your testicles because they will serve a vital function to produce the hormones you need.  After you take our product long enough you will make estrogen on your own even after you stop using Transfemme. Our product also has additional energetic programming and homeopathy signatures imprinted in it designed to make your body become feminine and grow breasts.

One of the best things about using our male to female hormone system is you are not using a drug, you are not putting a hormone into your body.  Instead you are creating a forced feminization scenario whereby your body converts from M to F hormones.  This is much better than using synthetic hormones or hormones made from pregnant horse urine which is very unnatural to the body.

We love photos or video, if you ever feel like getting dressed up in an outfit to show off your breasts etc. we would be happy to have it to share on the Transfemme website, once you have enough of a figure to show off that is.  Hopefully you are learning how to do your hair and makeup also.