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All our female customers have used BountifulBreast, natural breast enhancement pills, which is the sister product of Transfemme.

Date: September 19, 2001

I grew from a 34C to a 37DD within a few short months and I lost 8 pounds from all over my body except from my breasts!


After I discovered the Transfemme system my life has changed, my self esteem is up, I fill out my clothes better and I went from a 28A to a 34C in three months, and I love it!


When I started using Transfemme I was flat! I have been using Transfemme for one year and I am now a 36C!


After the birth of my son three years ago I checked into having my breasts enlarged and the cost was out of my price range, so I figured I'd be shaped like a boy for the rest of my life.


After 3 months my boyfriend even bought me a bra that was a small C cup!! I was surprised and amazed, because I didn't think I'd grown that much!


Once I had my son, my breasts became a "b" cup (with the milk) and whoa...I thought I was sporting' some big ones! Once I quit breastfeeding, my self esteem shot lower than before. I was back to an "a" cup, only they were a flat, saggy "a" cup.


After just 6-7 weeks I was a full B cup, today I am a full C and my bras are getting tight.


I am the skeptic of all skeptics. I have never bought anything from TV, the Internet, magazines, or shopping networks because of skepticism and a fear of risk; no matter how beneficial a company made a product sound.


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