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I took the pills as it was described in the paper that was sent with my pills. Twice a day at one and four, drinking water and a protein shake with the pill at four. I started noticing a change at about two weeks. My aureola got bigger and softer as my breast started to change shape. I stopped having man boobs and now I have breasts.





I love the new feeling of fullness that I have, and Iím sure it wonít be long until Iíll need to go shopping. Thanks Jules Thanks BB. Youíre all great and youíve got one satisfied gal here, and thatís for sure.




If you notice (guys) how many other websites have male testimonials?? I originally began talking with Grace, she discussed that these pills were effective on males (which I am by the way). As every one else I was skeptical still, so I bought one months supply.




I took the product and saw results after only two weeks. I began at an A cup but it was due to my pectoral muscles and they had a wedge shape to them like most men. After two weeks I measured at a 38B cup and my breasts were really soft...


Has grown to a 38-D cup without any no shrinkage or sagging!

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone in the trans-gendered M/F area instead of implants. I have tried a lot of breast enlargement regimes in the past and this is the only one that REALLY WORKS!

Billie Felice Staunton


When I started out I was a small a cup, now after three months I fit into a full c cup bra. Well I started as an a just kinda playing around and stuff like some of the others, it was amazing.

 I started noticing results after about two or three weeks, and my bra was getting tight.




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