Male Breast Enlargement Herbs


Can Men Grow Breasts Naturally?

Yes they can and men will usually have a difficult time growing breasts naturally because they have low estrogen and higher testosterone.  Transgender specialists turn to prescription drugs, prescribing testosterone blockers like Spirolactone and synthetic estrogens to mimic a woman’s hormone profile.  While forcing your body to become feminine seems like an uphill battle, men grow breasts and other female body attributes using Transfemme.  Transfemme is a male to female hormone modulation product that uses DNA and RNA nucleoproteins which works through a process barely known to non-biologists and scientists called reverse transcription. We will discuss reverse transcription in more detail later.

Male Breast Enlargement Herbs- Not the Best Feminizer

Male breast enlargement herbs can offer minimal results by adding a weak, plant based phytoestrogen to your system but will not block your testosterone and is not as strong as a real hormone.  One of the newest and most popular options of the moment is Pueraria Mirifica, in years past dong quai and other weak phytoestrogens were tried. Let’s face it, plant hormones are not animal hormones and men grow breasts primarily through real hormone production or hormone intervention, not weak plant based hormones!

Women who need hormone replacement therapy are opting for bio-identical hormones which are identical to the natural hormones their bodies made when they were younger. There are some men who have seen small results using male breast enlargement herbs and this may be gratifying in some cases for the casual cross dresser or non-committed, on the fence, male to female sissy girl.  If you are a serious candidate for sex reassignment, whether by surgical means or not, using the Transfemme reverse transcription capsules will give you the best results.

Men grow breasts best using a combination of three Transfemme products; these products offer the highest level of technology using our clinically proven, male breast enlargement cream causing fat transfer, animal estrogen male breast enhancement cream and DNA RNA reverse transcription; only two of these products can be used by biological females also.

The gamut of options for the transgender woman are our Transfemme capsules and male breast creams, male breast enlargement herbs, suction devices, surgery, prescription drugs and wearing false breasts.

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