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MTF feminization Using Transfemme

Could I ask the function of the pituitary ingredient?  Is that what grows the new brain cells wired with just estrogen receptors causing the changes to be permanent?  Does your product cause my body into a forced to feminize mode so it will keep making female hormones even after I stop using Transfemme m to f transgender hormone pills?  I want bigger breasts naturally without getting male breast implants or using hormones.

The Transfemme transgender pills stimulate your hormones and regenerate the master control of the brain, which is the pituitary. Your body will aromatize your testosterone into estrogen; aromatization is a medical term when the body converts one hormone into another.  Think of your testicles as producing your own estrogen supply and they will shrink, making it easier to tuck them in your panties or bikini bottoms!

Keeping your testicles because they will serve a vital function to produce the hormones you need, so we recommend keeping them as long as possible or permanently.  After you take our product long enough you will make estrogen on your own even after you stop using Transfemme. Our product also has additional energetic programming and homeopathy signatures imprinted in it designed to make your body become feminine and grow breasts, this is why MTF who use our product have extremely exceptional results!

One of our Tgirl customers before and during using our Transfemme Pills!

One of the best things about using our male to female hormone system is you are not using a drug, you are not putting a hormone into your body.  Instead you are creating a forced feminization scenario whereby your body converts from M to F hormones.  This is much better than using synthetic hormones or hormones made from pregnant horse urine which is very unnatural to the body.  Many of our competitors who are sad that they lose customers to us, so they spend a lot of time and money attacking our business, and tell our customers to try to manufacture their own pills. They will do anything to try to put us out of business. Rather than spend their time making a good company they focus on making us go away and after twenty one years, new companies still spring up all the time trying to break into the breast pill business that we invented.  Transfemme has been helping MTF transgender ladies since 1996, some of these people attacking our company were 7-8 years old when we opened.  While they literally know nothing about what our pills do or how they work, they plagiarize our information. All of the information on the internet about using glandular products for breast enlargement was taken from our writing either here or on our bountiful breast website.  We hope you enjoy our website and visit our facebook and google plus pages.

We love photos or video, if you ever feel like getting dressed up in an outfit to show off your breasts etc. we would be happy to share your photos on the Transfemme website.  Hopefully you are learning how to do your hair and makeup also.

Transfemme Male Breast Enhancement Cream FAQ

October 25, 2011 by  
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I have a question regarding the use of the TransFemme Cream. I have been on your program since Aug 18th, 8 pills per day with daily use of the cream. I am going to be ordering another two month supply and I need to know if there is any concerns about continuing the daily use of the cream? BTW, after two months I have very pleasing results, Thank you for your products. Tammy


Answer: Dear Tammy, Unfortunately we do not have a real answer about your question pertaining to using the cream. Any tampering you do to your own hormones you do at your own risk.
We cannot give you medical advice. You are a man and you are changing your body into female, we are not trans-gender doctors and we are not your doctor. If you have questions about your body, your blood work, your health risks from changing your hormones, you should see a medical doctor who practices trans-gender medicine.

Sorry we can not help you but it is illegal for us to give medical advice and even a doctor would not give medical advice to someone who is not his or her patient.
Everyone is different and I doubt there is a one size fits all answer.

TransFemme Customer Service

Transfemme Male Beautification Cream

February 9, 2011 by  
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“Hello TF,

My name is Alexander and some 3 years A ordered  your pills, first a 3 month supply and than a years supply. I started taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night, but after a month or so I changed it to 4 in the morning on an empty stomach and 4 in the evening.

After about 4 months I noticed growth in my chest area and it was when i was getting towards 7 months that i noticed my testicles had shrunk to a pea size, there was not much left of them and it was impossible for me to get an erection.
My manhood was a mere inch size if that !

I panicked so much that I stopped taking the caps, but my breasts have grown to a small b cup size. I am at work now, and cannot send you a photos of my breasts, but can do that next time. At present, my testicles have grown back to a normal size, but my amount of sperm is very low still. (I had a vasectomy years ago, so it does not matter so much)

Anyway, what I wanted to know is what the cream can do for me. I did get married again in the mean time and my wife loves my small breasts to play with. I assume that the estrogen, although it has to be applied to the breasts only will have an effect on my manhood !

I still want big breasts and was wondering if you can advise me what to take.

4 years ago, I was ready for a complete male to female transformation, I even started living as a female, but now that I found a beautiful (female) partner, all I want is bigger breasts. I am not so sure about all the herbal pills as i believe that female hormones will do the trick far better.

Thanks heaps,


The Transfemme Cream is the safest way to go, we do not know how big your breasts will get using the breast cream, but it should not shrink your penis or testicles.

Applying the cream directly to the area where you need it is better than dosing your whole body through your stomach. The breasts you gained from using our male breast enlargement pills is permanent but the cream gains may not be, we are still waiting for enough feedback to know for sure one way or the other.

We look forward to your descriptive feedback during and after!

Thanks for sharing your story, we always love to hear from our customers.
Your story also illustrates well why we counsel our customers not to rush into surgery.

Male Breast Enhancement is the new craze for Straight Men

July 24, 2010 by  
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A lot of people think men who want male breast enhancement must be gay, right? Wrong, it may shock you to know that most of the guys who want breast enlargement and want to be feminine are often married and straight. Furthermore a lot of the men who are into male breast enhancement and feminization also have their wife’s participation! Originally it was their own idea but after they told their wives, who they have usually been married to for 20 to 30 years, their wives are accommodating, accepting and helpful in their spouses male breast development process.

A lot of men love using the TransFemme product for male breast growth because they also see their male pattern baldness disappear in addition to their male to female breast transformation. Stay tuned for new information on the upcoming Transfemme male breast enhancement cream for the breast and buttocks that will contribute to overall feminization!