What Does Transfemme Mean?

Transfemme is derived from the French word Femme meaning woman and the English word Trans, taken from the word transgender, it was coined by the late Dr. Robert Archer of Incline Village, Nevada, in November of 2002, for Avalon Essentials, LLC to brand their Transfemme male to female breast enlargement pills and cream.  At the time the transgender movement was much smaller, being transgender was still very much in the closet and transgender people did not have the rights or the more acceptance they do today.  With the recognition and more mainstream acceptance of transgender and Transfemme individuals, many words and definitions have been coined and movements created around gender expression, gender fluidity and gender equality law.  The Transgender community has had an all-time high of visibility and representation under the past administration and the coming out of Caitlin Jenner.  Caitlin Jenner also fits the definition of what does Transfemme mean, she fits the definition of a Transfemme individual perfectly. The second part of the word transfemme is the french word Femme, it is used in English speaking countries as a lesbian identity that was created in the USA in the 1950s. Femme is a term used to distinguish a feminine lesbian and bisexual women from the masculine butch type lesbians. A transfemme is a similar word for the male to the female equivalent of the word femme for lesbians.

What is the Definition of Transfemme?

Transfemme is a word that is not only a trademark but is also used by the general public to describe a biological male who is feminine, or who is or is becoming a female or more feminine.  Other people are using the word Transfeminine to describe a Transfemme individual or Forced Feminization.  We can see why the word trans and femme were combined to reference a male to female person and why it is used as Avalon Essentials, LLC's brand name for the Transfemme male to female breast enlargement cream and pills. What does Transfeminism mean?   Transfeminism is a social movement, the Transfeminism Anthology Project was founded in 2000.  It is thought that Diana Courvant coined the word transfeminism as early as 1992. Transfeminists seek to merge their own transgender concerns with that of feminism, arguing that all women deserve the equal rights men enjoy. The transfeminist movement is not without controversy as many feminists do not see transwomen as real women.