Apr 25

Male Breast Enhancement is the new craze for Straight Men

By Kay | Our Blog

a lot of people think men who want male breast enhancement must be gay, right? Wrong, it may shock you to know that most of the guys who want breast enlargement and want to be feminine are often married and straight. Furthermore, a lot of the men who are into male breast enhancement and feminization also have their wife’s participation! Originally it was their own idea but after they told their wives, who they have usually been married to for 20 to 30 years, their wives are accommodating, accepting and helpful in their spouse’s male breast development process.

A lot of men love using the TransFemme product for male breast growth because they also see their male pattern baldness disappear in addition to their male to female breast transformation. Stay tuned for new information on the upcoming Transfemme male breast enhancement cream for the breast and buttocks that will contribute to overall feminization!

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Apr 25

Customer’s Transfemme Testimonial Male To Female Beginning Story

By Kay | Our Blog

Male to Female Transformation

Article From Real Customer – Submitted: June 6th, 2010

Yesterday was a bad day for me. As a T-girl who is just starting out, I am doing a lot of research online to help prepare me for the upcoming changes in my life. These changes have been long, long awaited! I don’t mind telling you that because I feared the judgment of others, I kept silent. I kept this from my parents, siblings, and friends. So for 48 years, I have lived for others and not for myself. But, no more.

Yesterday, during my research, I was on YouTube searching videos of those who are in transition. I came upon a young (25 yr old) who has been on HRT for 12-14 months. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. I cried for all those lost years, wasted years. If I had only spoken up, I might have gotten the help I needed then, that I’m finally getting now. I hope that I’m not too late to enjoy being a female.

Doing little things help, like getting a manicure/pedicure I did last week and I don’t want to cut these beautiful nails! Yesterday, after my cry session, I went to the salon that did my manicure and had the lady their wax my back and chest. It feels wonderful. Although I’ve only been on Transfemme since May 13, 23 days, I believe I look like I have breasts! Thank you for listening to my male to female transformation process real story, I will continue to post more of my results.

Jenny Kay

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Apr 25


By Kay | Our Blog


Transfemme is a state of the art method for modifying a male body to take on female characteristics. This is accomplished without risky drugs or dangerous and expensive surgery. The result is a natural you without implants and your body takes on curvy, female body fat composition.


Transfemme accomplishes something priceless, getting your own body to produce female hormones and remold itself into as close to female as possible. As breast implants are out of favor with women so to as breast implants out of favor with transwomen. No one wants to have a fake bag of saline or silicone for a breast. Our customers want to be as natural as possible.


Having your own female hormone levels and real female breasts and body composition is something synthetic hormones can never accomplish. Our customers enjoy having real female breasts, rounder hips and buttocks, softer skin, less male hair and do not require surgery to replace breast implants every ten years.

Transfemme vs. Drugs and Surgery

Transfemme Drugs and Surgery
SAFETY Transfemme uses DNA RNA nucleoproteins that cause the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. This is your own estrogen not a drug and because this is your own body changing itself your breasts are permanent Hormones are risky, they have side effects in both women and transwomen. Surgery is very painful, risky and needs to be repeated at least every ten years even without complications
BETTER RESULTS Transfemme creates deep changes in body that results in an altered full body form. Larger areola, larger fuller breasts, fuller female shaped hips and thighs, softer skin, more lively, caring female emotions. As well as decreased penis and testicle size, less male body hair and less or a loss of male pattern baldness. Breast implants often come out crooked, too far apart, too hard and you can see the implants under the skin. They also rupture, get scar tissue, and need to be replaced every ten years.
LONGEVITY Transwomen using hormones for years end up using our program to us as they did not get the size they desired and their body did not change shape the way they wanted it to. Drugs do not last, if they are discontinued T levels increase and drops out. Minimal body changes are lost.
PRICE Your natural breasts are yours,customers who stop using Transfemme retain their female body characteristics and hormone levels. This is truly an extraordinary benefit of the Transfemme pills. Expensive

Hormones are risky, they have side effects in both women and transwomen. Surgery is very painful, risky and needs to be repeated at least every ten years even without complications

Additionally, once you are older those surgeries become harder and harder. As you are older you may not be able to afford replacement surgery or be able to afford to cover the cost of revisions. These surgeries are very costly and dangerous. Possible complications are infections, rupture, death from anesthesia, hardening from scar tissue and auto immune diseases. These are the unglamorous facts implant manufacturers and doctors don’t want patients to see or think about.

About 40,000 women in the US annually year have their breast implants removed due to problems. A breast implants will always be a bag of saline or silicone. Our customers want to be as natural possible to feel like real, regular women. Anyone can stick an artificial implant into their body but that is not growing into a woman.

Join of Transfemme family tree and transform into the woman you feel you are.

5 Best Breast Implants and Enlargement methods Transfemme will help you
Apr 25

5 Best Breast Implants and Enlargement Methods Transfemme will help you

By Nadir Yaqoob | Our Blog

5 Best Breast Implants and Enlargement methods Transfemme will help you

Breast augmentation, also called Augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to increase the size of the breast. This involves placing the breasts beneath the breast tissue or the chest muscles. Many women feels confident when they undergo breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a part of breast enhancement. Furthermore, breast implants are again a part of breast enhancement and breast implants correlate with breast augmentation as in breast augmentation breast implants are placed in the natural breast to enhance the cup size and it’s a long surgical procedure.

For others, it is part of breast reconstruction in different conditions. A plastic surgeon will help you in all matters concerning breast augmentation and a situation like that. Make sure you understand what surgery, including possible risks, complications, and follow-up care.

Transfemme.com has all the breast augmentation and breast enhancement products which will help you for breast implants.


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5 Best Breast Implants and Enlargement Methods

1.  Breast Cream

The breast creams are silky and smooth and contain a rich extract of estrogen and bovine cattle. Apply these cream on your breasts twice a day. You can also massage it on your genitals to help with contraction. You can also apply Transfemme cream to beautify your breasts at the hips, buttocks, thighs, and waist. This will help increase your breasts to be more spacious, rounded, active and beautiful. Our customers report a marked difference in the pot at first use and information anywhere from cup size to 1-2 within 3-6 months.

Transfemme Men's Breast Estrogen Cream is improved and way better than before. You must place the cream on your breasts twice a day. This will help increase the size of the breasts, the breasts are more complete, rounded, forward and soft. Our customers report a marked difference in the first-use pot and inform anywhere from the 1-2 cup size over a short period of 3 to 6 months, so some report earlier. The halo enlargement is usually the first noticeable change in the use of our cream as well as in the nipple bumps. Men's Transfemme Estrogen Cream will also help reduce the genital size if necessary and cause breast enhancement.

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The breast cream is a clinically proven cream for the increase and stabilization of the breast, which extends any area applied by the stimulation of fat (fat formation), namely the breasts, hips, thighs and the buttocks. Our Breast Cream can also be used to restore fat to areas that have gone astray over time, such as the appearance of hands, to give them a younger look and patented ingredients in our breasts. Bountiful Breast was invented in 1996, the natural pill for breast enlargement, which is often copied but never repeated for more than twenty years. Bountiful Breast is used by Hollywood actresses and pictures of our customers are given to us by our current customers, most of whom show their faces.

The truth is that we invented pills for breast augmentation and that the rest of the industry is not happy because they cannot compete with us in the industry we invented. Transgender clients who use our breast pills need to use higher doses to force the body to convert steroids to estrogen. For best results, use both breast and breast tablets to get the full effect of femininity.

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2.  Breast Pills

Normal females should take 2 capsules daily. However, the biological male follows a process called Breast Aromatization. In this whole process, the body converts testosterone to estrogen at levels that can match those of the biological female. It is suggested that biological men take between 4 and 8 grains a day for optimal results. Male enhancement kits are sent to a woman separately, and your personal information is always confidential and is never sold or published.

It is important to note that natural breast augmentation methods do not show results immediately. Do not give up if you do not see the results in a day or two. Many users report results in a few weeks. Unlike surgery, with normal breast augmentation, you can control the results. When you reach the desired size, you can stop using a pill or cream. In addition to eating cereals, you should also massage the breast with enlargement creams, or exercise or massage techniques. To increase your size naturally and more effectively, you need to target both the inner and outer areas of your bust.

Breast enhancement creams stimulate the growth of new cells in the breast tissue. Even breast enhancement cream has been found to relieve menstrual symptoms. The production of growth hormones that can help women develop their breasts will start up to 1 or 2 cup sizes.

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3.  Breast Enlargement Booster Pills

Our supplement pill is effective because it helps to promote progress in those who have a slow start due to low body temperature, medical problems or for those who are simply looking for faster results. Our customers, Nick, have named our "Miracle" pill.

Our booster discs are manufactured in the United States and are tested in facilities approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Our pills are a natural enhancement of the breast where your body recovers to restore the cellular system and multiple endocrine systems using a targeted and regenerative approach.

breast enlargement booster

breast enlargement booster

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4. TF –Biotics Iodine

Iodine reduces thyroid hormones and can kill fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms such as amoeba. It also uses a specific type of iodine called potassium iodide to treat the effects of a radiological accident.

Biotics Research Iodizyme-HP 120 Tablets

Biotics Research Corp. Iodizyme-HP - 120 tablets directly from us! Serving Size: 1/2 tablet to tablet - Iodine 2.5 mg iodide (potassium salt) 3.75 mg - total 6.25 mg 4.167% of daily value.

transfemme biotics iodine

transfemme biotics iodine

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5.  Breast Augmentation (Surgery/ Without Surgery)

Surgical ways are always preferred then non-surgical ways. Non-surgical ways though in the breast size are the main risk but it is always unpredictable and will be exposed at a higher risk for breast cancers than cervical cancer.

Breast augmentation can help you

  • Improve your appearance if you think your breasts are too small or that one of them is smaller than the other
  • Adjust to reduce the size of your breasts after pregnancy
  • Correction of unequal breasts after breast surgery for other conditions
  • Improve your confidence
Apr 21

Male Breast Enlargement Cream by Transfemme

By Kay | Our Blog

Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement Cream

“Want to Know about Male Breast Enlargement Cream? Here is the Best Cream to increase Breast Size for Men!”

Hello Transfemme Customer Success Team! My name is Alexander, I am interested in what is the best male breast enlargement cream you can recommend to me? Some three years ago I ordered your pills, first a three month supply and then a one year supply. I started taking two (2) pills in the morning and two (2) at night but after a month or so I changed it to four (4) in the morning on an empty stomach and four (4) in the evening.

After about four months I noticed growth in my chest area and it was when I was getting towards seven months that I noticed my testicles had shrunk to pea size, there was not much left of them and it was impossible for me to get an erection. My manhood was a mere inch size if that!

I panicked so much that I stopped taking the capsules and my breasts have grown to a round and firm B cup size. I am very happy with my round, sexy breasts! I am at work now so I cannot send you photos of my breasts, I can do that next time. At present, my testicles have grown back to a normal size but my amount of sperm production is very low still. (I had a vasectomy years ago, so it does not matter so much.)

Anyway, what I wanted to know is what male breast enlargement cream is for me and what it can do? I did get married again in the mean time and my wife loves to play with my small breasts. I assume that the estrogen, although it has to be applied to the breasts only will have an effect on my manhood?

I still want big breasts and was wondering if you can advise me what male breast cream to use?

Four years ago I was ready for a complete male to female transformation, I even started living as a female but now that I found a beautiful (female) partner, all I want is bigger breasts. I am not so sure about all the herbal pills as I believe that female hormone will do the trick far better.

Thanks heaps,

Forced Feminization

Transfemme Male Breast Enlargement Cream Explanation

Dear Alexander,

The Transfemme Cream (male breast enlargement cream)and BOUNTIFUL BREAST®CREAMS are the safest ways to go, we do not know exactly how big your breasts will get using the male breast cream; neither cream will shrink your penis or testicles.

Applying the male breast cream directly to your breasts where you need it is safer for you than dosing your whole body through your stomach and creating permanent changes we cannot control. The breasts you gained from using our male breast enlargement pills is permanent. The male breast cream gains are also permanent and each cream works via a different mechanism, Transfemme® breast cream add estrogen for a boost and Bountiful Breast®Cream enlarges any area it is applied to so you may also use it on your hips and things if you wanted them to be more feminine.

Check: Bovine Ovary For Male Breast Enlargement

We look forward to your descriptive feedback during and after!

Thank you for sharing your story, we always love to hear from our customers.

Your story also illustrates well why we counsel our customers not to rush into surgery.

Best Male Breast Buy Now

Want to Buy the Best Transfemme Breast Enlargement Cream for men?

I have a question regarding the use of the TransFemme Cream. I have been on your program since Aug 18th, 8 pills per day with daily use of the cream. I am going to be ordering another two month supply and I need to know if there is any concerns about continuing the daily use of the cream? BTW, after two months I have very pleasing results, Thank you for your products. Tammy

Dear Tammy, Unfortunately, we do not have a real answer to your question pertaining to using the cream. Any tampering you do to your own hormones you do at your own risk.

We cannot give you medical advice. You are a man and you are changing your body into a female, we are not trans-gender doctors and we are not your doctor. If you have questions about your body, your blood work, your health risks from changing your hormones, you should see a medical doctor who practices trans-gender medicine.

Sorry, we can not help you but it is illegal for us to give medical advice and even a doctor would not give medical advice to someone who is not his or her patient.

Everyone is different and I doubt there is a one size fits all answer.

TransFemme Customer Service