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TransFemme Breast Cream

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3:45 am
September 4, 2013



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The cream does help a lot with the growth of my breasts, I know they are still super small because I just past the 6 month mark a little while ago but not my chest feels tight and it looks like its getting bigger every week now so I know it's working, this stuff is the tits icon biggrin Message Forum literally!

I love it icon smile Message Forum

3:38 pm
May 24, 2010



Hey there Jamie! We are happy to announce that we have just about finished production of the cream (labeling the bottles as we speak!) and it is on its way to the warehouse for distribution very soon!

We will post an official release once they are "on the shelves" so to speak so stay tuned! sf kiss Message Forum

8:02 pm
May 22, 2010




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i was woundering if you had put your breast cream out for sale yet? i am looking forward to buying and using it!sf kiss Message Forum

5:54 pm
April 11, 2010



Weare currently working on the price plan but we can assure it will be affordable and well worth it. It's the first of its kind sf laugh Message Forum

Once the cream is launched we will send out an email to let you know so stay tuned sf kiss Message Forum

8:36 am
April 10, 2010



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how much will it be

5:42 pm
March 21, 2010



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Post edited 5:08 am – April 1, 2010 by TransFemme

The Launching of TransFemme Breast Cream

Great News!

We are in the process of  launching what we call to be "The Turn-of-the Century breast cream for our T-Girls.  It is called TransFemme Breast Cream.   Our TransFemme Breast Cream is designed exclusively for our T-Girls.  It is not intended to be used by biological women.

The TransFemme Breast cream contains 100% estrogen and has progesterone.  For best resutls, the TransFemme Breast Cream is to be massaged starting from your neck, to your shoulders, and then around your breasts.   The TransFemme Breast Cream will help to firm and uplift your breasts while taking the BB pills.  The TransFemme Breast cream is not to replace the BB pills.  You must continue to take the BB pills to get the full effect of the BB program.

The TransFemme Breast Cream is scheduled to be launched in April.  We do not have the exact date at this time. A notice will be posted at the message forum and will be sold only at http://www.transfemme.com

Please know that we have a limited quantity on hand.  If you are interested to purchase this amazing product we ask that you simply email me to laurie@bountifulbreast.com and ask to be added to our TransFemme Breast Cream Wish List.

We know you will absolutely love the jar and what it will do for you!

Yes, my precious T-Girls, finally a product designed exclusively for you!

Best wishes, 

Laurie, Your Body Advisor.    sf laugh Message Forum

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